I feel like an oversized white shirt is a staple for spring this year, so I actually borrowed this one from my dad’s wardrobe which he got from Zara.

I like finding different ways to wear something basic,  in this case I wanted to undo a few buttons and wear it off the shoulders. I styled it with a raw hem kick crop jean from French Connection and some brown crossover mules.



k.jpgOver the weekend I was in the big city of London doing some sight-seeing, shopping and over indulging. I’ve been quite a lot over the years, but each time is a totally different experience.

For ages I have been wanting to go to the “Undressed” exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum, which showcases the history and evolution of underwear design. I managed to see it on the very last day before it ended, and loved it all – I was in there for 2 hours! The whole exhibition was a journey, from underwear being created for a particular purpose, to underwear being used today as a fashion statement. It covered many areas from sustainability and functionality, right through to branding, attitudes and identity. Unfortunately there was no photography allowed, so I didn’t take any snaps but I did manage to jot down lots of useful info on my phone, as it was so fascinating.

Everytime I’m in London I just have to pay Harrods a visit, it’s definitely more of a museum than a department store though! But I just love walking around and absorbing the luxuriousness of it all.

Saturday night we went out for drinks in the Borough of Chelsea and then into Soho, and managed to find some fancy bars, which, most importantly, played our favourite types of music.

If you know me you’ll know I love to take A LOT of photos of my surroundings, so I put together a little photo diary documenting my trip.






It was a short stay but we managed to jam pack everything in on very little sleep! As always, I’m sure I’ll be returning to London very soon.





blog photo 1In the blink of an eye, fashion week has wrapped up for yet another season, and we’re now left to endlessley scroll through Vogue online studying every collection.

After every fashion week I usually like to trend spot and forecast what I think could be big for the upcoming season, and then translate them through my personal style.

I’ve picked out some trends that have caught my eye, and will no doubt be integrated into my wardrobe later on in the year.


red to toe

Shades of red from head to toe, including accessories and footwear.

Red on red layering with complimenting tones and textures.


oversized outerwear

Elongated sleeves hiding the hands, and a dropped hem in coats and jackets, create an amplified silhouette.



Layers of fringing, adding detail and embellishment to pieces.

Texture is created with movement.